2024-07-14 – Evening
Covenant Reformed Church, MT - Rev. Orrie Oosthuizen
Text: Isaiah 40:1-8
Theme: Introduction to the Heidelberg Catechism and Catechetical Preaching.

Background info on the Heidelberg Catechism and its origins as well as the approach to catechetical preaching.

HC LD Introduction to HC andCatecheticalPreaching

2024-07-14 - Morning
Covenant Reformed Church, MT - Rev. Orrie Oosthuizen
Text: Revelation 2:1-7
Theme: The Report of Christ's Visitation in the Congregation in Ephesus.

In the first of the seven letters to the seven churches in Asia minor, Christ gives a report of His visitation in the church at Ephesus. He praises them for standing firm in their faith and doctrine and for ministering church disciple to those who remain in sin. Christ admonishes the church in Ephesus because they left their first love and thereby forgot the love. He promises them that they will eat of the fruit of life in paradise.

Rev2 1 7 TheReport of ChristsVisitation in theCongregation in Ephesus

Rev 1 9 20 OurAscendedLordAppears to HisCongregation in Glory

June 30, 2024

Covenant Reformed Church, MT - Rev. Orrie Oosthuizen
Text: Revelation 1:1-8
Tema: The Triune God Greets His Congregation with His Blessing

The blessing with which the Triune God greets his people at the beginning of every worship holds a very special value and place.
When you examine this blessing-greeting, you will find:
(i) that it's content is GRACE and PEACE. All of the undeserved goodness and lovingkindness that God shows us;
(ii) that it's source is the Triune God. The FATHER as the Eternal, the SON, Jesus Christ as the One who worked this peace, and the HOLY SPIRIT as the One who effects this grace and peace in believers;
(iii) that it is appropriated by the Holy Spirit working it in our lives;
(iv) that it's this Triune God himself who guarantees this blessing of grace and peace for all believers.

20240630 Rev 1 1 8 The triune God greets His congregation with His blessing

June 23, 2024

Covenant Reformed Church, MT - Rev. Orrie Oosthuizen
Text: Nehemiah 8:1-9
Title: God Reforms His People Through His Word

The Living Word of the Living God is the means by which the LORD chooses to work in His people. When we approach the Word, we should do so in the right way. In Nehemiah 8:1-9 we find Israel, having returned from exile and having rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem, continuing the rebuild of their worship and faith. This is done through the ministering of the Word of God. In their approach and response we find four things that we should follow their example in:

Appetite, Attitude, Attention, and Action.

They had a ravenous APPETITE for the Word of God.
They had the correct ATTITUDE towards the Word of God.
They paid diligent ATTENTION to the Word of God.
Which led them to ACTION in response to the Word of God.

Neh 8 1 9 God ReformsHisPeopleThroughHisWord

June 16, 2024

The Good Shepherd's Guide to Pastoral Care of His Church
Scripture Text: Ezekiel 34
Focal Verse: 16
Pastor Orrie Oosthuizen—V.D.M

Beloved brothers and sisters, it is a privilege for me to address you as beloved. Not only because I have grown fond of you already - all our encounters so far have been very pleasant and wholesome; but because the Lord Jesus Christ Himself regards His bride-church as His beloved and He addresses her in that way (Romans 1:7).

Ezek 34 16 TheGoodShepherdsGuide-to-PastoringHisChurch